Praise for Skubalon Storm

Texas Goddess of Liberty atop the Texas Capitol.

Texas Goddess of Liberty atop the Texas Capitol.

Kirkus Reviews, January 16, 2019

 “The plot is ingeniously inventive…” 

“Yates’ character, a “master dissembler” who creates a memorably vulgar lampoon of a popular church, is a riveting caricature.”

Rep. Alfric Jac, Texas House District 151, May 2027

Skubalon Storm is a textbook on cheating, collusion and lying to the good people of Texas. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

Peter Phelt, Governor of Texas, April 2027

Skubalon Storm is a faithful accounting of all that will happen, I guess. We’ll have to wait and see. 

Flip Griff-Raff, former Attorney General of Texas, May 2027

I don’t know why I’m still in jail six weeks after the secession. We’re not part of the so-called United States any more-and what’s a little securities fraud among friends, anyway? At this point, Skubalon Storm is my only hope. 

Galen Ram Das, Finding Crazy Heaven, July 2026

I get a funny feeling when people lie; I laughed through the entire novel. 

The author’s mom, October 2018

I’m sure it’s a very nice book. I hope Merald will come out of the basement now, so I can sell the house.