Skubalon Storm is a comic satire, revealing the origins and consequences of Texas’ 2027 secession from the United States. Moments before the breakaway is announced, Governor Peter Phelt learns that Texas has been expelled from the Union because it is unbearably obnoxious –a secession interruptus, as it were. 

Thirty miles east of Austin, Phelt’s arch rival, Pastor Arlen Bob Yates, founder of the worldwide Church of the P-Free Sabbath, prepares to deliver the final blows of his decades-long vendetta to humiliate and ruin Phelt. The former Texas is immediately bankrupted, Puerto Rico is admitted to the United Nations as the Republic of Texas, and Phelt is maneuvered into naming his new nation the Republic of North Mexico. 

From the precarious epicenter of Texas politics, modern-day religion and ancient prophesy, the latest techniques in anthropological forensics are deftly employed throughout this scholarly work, leaving the reader with a deep understanding of all that was, and ever will be, Texas. This is the story of two Texas power brokers, switched at birth and bound together forever in a saga that ends once, and then again, in a possible world.


Skubalon Storm Opening Pages


Photo: Goddess of Liberty during the 1986 restoration of the Texas Capitol. Courtesy Texas Department of Transportation. Alberto G. Rubio/TxDOT.